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Anna Skea
Morar, Scotland
I live in the North West Highlands of Scotland and I have always loved this area and the way of life here. Crofting and fishing were the main industries when I was growing up. We had a wealth of colour and form around us to inspire. Having parents who were involved with woodcarving, pottery and sculpture we were encouraged to notice our surroundings. My medium is yarn in 100% wool and wool/cashmere and wool/cotton mixes. The Scottish lambswool that I work with is machine knitted , the pieces are linked together then fulled to make soft lightweight garments in the felted range.
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Galashiels, Scottish Borders, Scotland
Flora Collingwood-Norris designs and makes colourful knitwear from her small studio in Galashiels, using the finest natural fibres. Having inherited a love of colour from her mum, Flora’s colour choices are often inspired by the west coast of Scotland and the Scottish Borders landscape. Flora works with local mills to have some of her designs produced in small batches, but she still makes most of her designs herself, hand framing them on a vintage knitting machine, and hand finishing them to the highest standard. These are pieces designed to make you look and feel great!
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Cora Studio
Edinburgh, Scotland
I am a knitted textile designer based in Edinburgh, designing and producing a range of knitted cashmere accessories including scarves, hats and blankets. I have been working within Scottish textiles manufacturing for 12 years and I take a lot of inspiration from the traditional processes and techniques the industry is known for. I combine this with a focus on organic and graphic pattern interpreted into a fine gauge knit. My main source of visual inspiration comes from the natural landscape - observing the patterns formed at every level and taking pleasure in the detail and repetition of shape and form at both a micro and macro level. This is developed into jacquard knit patterns through hand drawing in order to maintain an organic and irregular feel. I balance all of this with a touch of geometric inspired pattern and plain colour to create a collection of varied elements.
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Shetland, Scotland
My alternative Shetland knitwear is inspired by traditions and techniques from our islands’ textile heritage, but I follow my own design path—developing collections through connection with place, history and world culture, and using my passion for colour to create contemporary knitwear and my own handspun yarn. Nielanell knitwear is made in Shetland by craftspeople skilled in the art of machine knitting, using premium yarns. Every piece is hand-finished, in-house. My work has been shown at the Saatchi Gallery, and Decorex; in 2018 I was a design leader for V&A Dundee’s Scottish Design Relay, an inspiring programme for young people.
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Uist Wool
Grimsay, North Uist, Outer Hebrides.
Uist Wool runs a spinning Mill & Wool Centre on the island of Grimsay in North Uist, part of the Outer Hebrides an island archipelago off the north west coast of Scotland. Uist Wool is based on the principles of People, Planet & Profit, seeking to benefit the many, establishing sustainable practices and creating a viable enterprise to support the communities of the Outer Hebrides. Provenance is the foundation to our story. Wool is sourced locally, and throughout the Highlands & Islands, selected with care and processed at the Mill with a high degree of quality control at every stage of production. Our pallet is based on natural un-dyed wool colours and blends spun into knitting yarns or single ply for weaving. The Mill regularly commissions independent Scottish weavers to create woven textiles that showcase the ingrained characteristics of different wool types – traditional heritage weight Harris Tweed, fine wraps & scarves in Scottish Merino, warm & durable blankets designed to keep the winter chills at bay.
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